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lørdag den 3. december 2011

Mouth Tranplant 2

Photos snapped using the "Cassius - I <3 u so" application for Iphone.

The original video can be found on Youtube under the same name

torsdag den 1. december 2011

This is no place for street art!

The photo is snapped in a side-street in the danish city, Århus.

Billedet er taget i Århus tæt på Klosterplads. Et sted der ikke ligefrem bugner med street art - så må man jo skabe det!


onsdag den 30. november 2011

Wonder Wall

Yesterday, i was walking in the danish city Århus and i just snapped this photo of the most beautifil old building - enjoy.

Jeg havde mit kamera med i Århus By den anden dag, og jeg kunne ikke lade være med at blitze lidt på denne gamle bygning bag Vor Frue Kirke.

Mouth Transplant

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

Sun In Six Ways

    Manipulated photos of the sun - for your pleasure!

søndag den 14. august 2011

Copenhagen eyes

Last week i went to Copenhagen to see the Kanye West concert, here i snapped this cool street-photo of eye stickers around the town

lørdag den 13. august 2011

Sea of photos - Part 1

What i adore, is oceans of photos. A way to find inspiration in caos, and discover new combinations by posting photos who have no relevans to each other - at all.

This is what inspires me at the moment.

onsdag den 10. august 2011

Baptiste Giabiconi - forget about your boyfriend

Baptiste Giabiconi is a french male model who experienced the warmth and help of being under Karl Lagerfeld's wings. Lagerfeld saw Giabiconi and made him his male muse at once!

Now Giabiconi is walking the Chanel shows as almost the only male participant, and he's also starring in several Lagerfeld and Chanel commercials.

But Karl Lagerfeld has a little weird idea when it comes to Giabiconi - he always make him appear naked or/and in stilettos... But you girls don't mind i guess?

 Giabiconi is an amazing model and he comes in at a 2nd place right after Jon Kortajarena on my scoreboard.

So, forget about your boyfriend and get dreamy with these photos!

tirsdag den 9. august 2011

Nickelson Wooster - To tattoo or not to tattoo

Nickelson Wooster, one of the most flamboyant and important employees at the Bergdorf Goodman empire, is probably my greatest style icon.

Often i find inspiration in "his wardrobe" and i love to explore the jungle his outfits are.

But there is one part of his wardrobe i would not buy, his tattoos. I love the aestetichs of tattoos, but wouldnt't dare to get one myself - i would be so afraid to regret them.

This and many more topics regarding tattoos, Nickelson Wooster will talk about in his interview with Esquire Magazine.


This week, in lieu of our usual Blogger Showdown, we took to the Internet to talk tattoos — something you'll find all over the streets in Brooklyn, the surf havens of California, and the models (both male and female) in Paris. In our mind, there's no better person to discuss this inky issue than Nick Wooster — tumblr aficionado, style veteran, and owner of the fashion-minded Wooster Consultancy — who's known in stylish circles for his tailored jackets that hide completely tattooed arms. Since many men are opposed to body modification, it didn't seem fair to have him spar with a single blogger. So we'll let his own history stand on it's own. Should you also consider getting inked? His take below. —Kurt Soller

It started for me in 1993 or 1994. I was in Miami — and this is a bad, clichéd story: I had a pair of white Dries Van Noten sailor pants. So I thought I had to have a sailor tattoo: a heart with a dagger through it that said MOM on my left bicep.

My mom was not impressed, by the way.
What people say is true: The first one is a gateway drug. It will lead to another: "Oh, shit, I want something else."
I was 39 when I did, essentially, a three-quarter sleeve on my left arm. It was very late in life, which is good: I can't think of any decision I made at 19 that I'd be happy with at 39 or even now, at 51.

What will they look like at 80? You can't think about it. Look, if I'm still standing at 80, that in and of itself will be a miracle. However I look will be just fine.

You can't worry about it. My face doesn't look the same way it did at 39. My body doesn't look the same way it did at 39.

The reason there are so many sleeves on guys is because nobody can have just one.

Yes, there are probably too many tattoos. But there are too many bad haircuts, too many bad shoe choices, too many bad jeans.

Because it's so permanent, that's a filter.

That's so scary to me. You can tell when someone has them removed. It's like plastic surgery. You're not fooling anyone.

I love the idea of being covered-up in a suit and nobody can tell. That's a conscious choice you have to make, though. I really like neck tattoos and hand tattoos. They're just not for me.

After my left arm, I started my entire right sleeve, which took how many times? I'm such a pussy. I'll get back to that point, though.

I was going to have sleeves and then socks — from my knees to my ankles — but nobody told me when I signed up that the leg is exponentially more painful than the arm. I'll never finish that leg, short of having an anesthesiologist present. Total pussy.

Thinking about the leg is making the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

It is a function of age, too. The older you get, the more painful it gets. Your skin loses it's elasticity. You lose your youth juice.

People torture themselves about getting the right thing. It doesn't matter what it is. It's about coverage. My opinion is leave it to the professionals. Because I'm not an artist. That's the other thing that always make me laugh — people who try to art-direct themselves.

If I had to do it over again, I would not do color. My body doesn't keep the red and orange ink as well as the black and gray. I've had to get it touched-up more frequently — my body's poison, I guess. Every three or four years I go back in, which is more of an inconvenience than anything.

You really need to put sunscreen on.

I give myself a B+.

I always say don't do it when people ask me if they should. I never want to be responsible.

And whatever your profession, it could be potentially embarrassing. It may not be appropriate. And once you get one, as I said, you'll have to get another.

These things are expensive.

I think the man is amazing, and his apperance would not be near as cool without the tattoos!

lørdag den 6. august 2011

My home 2.0

At the moment i am redecorating my apartment so all the furnitures are movede into my dining room -
 that made space for some awesome pictures last night!

Would you guys like me to write more about myself on the blog from time to time?