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tirsdag den 29. marts 2011

More Nadav Kander. More photography heaven!

As some of you might know, i am really obsessed with the photographer, Nadav Kander, and his amazing pictures.
Last time i showed you some random photos, but from now on i will only show you his work in the series they belong to!
Just so you can sense the magic and synergi, that is a result of all the thoughts he puts into his work.

We will start with his photos from Yangtze River, enjoy the work of a gifted and genius man!

Hope you enjoyed these amazing photos, and that you are looking forward to the other ones!

mandag den 28. marts 2011

It's what's underneath that counts

As promised, i will now show what underwear not only to please yourself but maybe also the lucky man who might see it!
Many womens magazines show you what underwear to buy, but now you have the chance to be guided by a man who knows his way around fashion.
This season you shouldn't be afraid to choose som bold underwear, go for the nude-coloured with lace, or a zebra patterned bra that will show beneath our light t-shirts. Get inspired by the coloured 80's and get wild!
So lean back, find your creditcard, and enjoy.

The items are listed from left to right - Click to shop

lørdag den 26. marts 2011

Meet the angels in underwear

Like every guy on the planet, i adore the Victorias Secret runway shows.
I think they are fun, sexy and i love to watch them because of the extravagant scenery and cheerful atmosphere!
Now i would like to show you some photos from one of the best VS shows i have ever seen in Miami. 
T omorrow i will show you a selection of amazing underwear you should buy this season :)


I hope you enjoyed the photos and gets as inspired as i do!

fredag den 25. marts 2011

Have a swimsuit ready, or are you swimmin deep?

Today i was reading an article about the hottest women of today( A man gotta do, what a man gotta do) and i stumbled uppon this amazing picture of Rihanna from US-Vogue.

I was so inspired that i chose to make a post with all the greatest swimsuits for this season, and make it a lot easier for you girls out there to look cool during the hot summer days this year.

The swimsuits YOU should own 

From left: Click link to shop them

 As you can see i love cutouts! I think they make a female body look amazing, and cutout in both sides make you seem slimmer!
What do you think of my picks?

onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Nadav Kander - photography heaven!

Nadav Kander is a photo artist from Israel, he is know for his very detailed real-life photo style. He has done innumerous commercials for Adidas, Levis, powerade and even The White House!

I am so fascinated by hos work, and i love the honesty in every picture.
Now i will share some of my favorite photos with you guys!

I hope you find them just as amazing as i do

tirsdag den 22. marts 2011

Wanna change your life the easy way?

Don't you sometime want to break the habit? Change your daily routine and live a different life?
It can be difficult to know where to start, but to help you i will post a thorough list with 10 easy ways to change your life for the better!

NUMBER ONE: Always bring a bottle of water!
Way to many people forget to drink enough water through the day and ends up beein dehydrated and tired. Remember to get enough fluids to freshen your mind!

NUMBER TWO: Get up early:
Pretty much all of us thinks "Oh NO!" when the alarm goes of in the morning. Go to bed an hour earlier, and then get up an hour earlier than you tend to!
use your new time in the morning to get ready as you use to, but use your "new" time to relax over a cup of coffee and arrive early at your job without stress- perfect start.

NUMBER THREE: Pick out your clothes for the next day in the evening
By doing this you wont feel stressfull in the morning when having a clothing-crisis! And secondly, your outfits will probably be more stylish and better planned!

NUMBER FOUR: Get a new perfume!
Your perfume is along with your make-up, the only thing you will wear all day. Choose a new scent you feel reflects the new lifestyle you want, and choose a smell you feel comfortable with.

NUMBER FIVE: Relax during your lunch-breaks
Turn of your phone, shut down the computer, and grab your bottle of water. Learn to relax during your lunch breaks, and go to a park of nice cafe to forget work for a while.
When your lunch is over, you can return to work og school with new energy!

NUMBER SIX: Plan your weekends
There is nothing worse than looking forward to Saturday, and then ending up watching stupid gameshows all alone. Remember to plan your weekends already on Wednesday, and get out some more and increase your social network.

NUMBER SEVEN: No electronics one hour before bed-time
It might sound impossible, but get some quality time and tell your body it's time to relax. Increase your sexual life with your partner, or even start on a good book?

NUMBER EIGHT: Eat less, but more often
Instead of consuming three large meals throughout the day, then try to eat smal healty meals every second hour. This make you burn more calories, and lowers you need for fast-food.

NUMBER NINE: Have more sex, and not just in the bedroom
Try to have sex elsewhere than under the sheets. This will make your everyday more interesting, and break "lets go have sex for 5 min" routine. Try something different! Wheter you have a partner or not!

NUMBER TEN: Work out in the morning
It might be hard to put your trainers on in the morning, but after a short run or workout you will feel fantastic!
It will allow you to deal with stress, and you will have more time in the afternoon and evening!

Try it out you guys!

lørdag den 19. marts 2011

Pharrell Williams - how to be street and classy

In my opinion Pharrell is one of the best dressed men in the world of fashion, because his wardrobe stretches from streetwear to suits.
He's a true camelion when it comes to clothes! 
In this post i will tech you how to dress like Pharell, classy but cheeky at the same time.
First we will take the classy one, afterwards we will check out how to be street and cheeky!

Here's the looks we are trying to create:



Your solution:

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Blazer: Asos
Cap: Brixton
Boots: Quoddy


Your solution:

 Sweatshirt: BBC
Sneakers: Pro Keds
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Trousers: Asos
Cap: New Era

Here you go guys! Get out there and get the look and conquer the world! 

fredag den 18. marts 2011

Meet Colette! Your new girlfriend

Sometimes it can be difficult to find or believe in true love.
But now! I have found true love for you, her name is Colette. She is a bit large, french and pretty edgy. Doesn't she sound beautiful? NO? not?

That's because she is a shop! Colette is the name of the most fabulous and cool store in entire Paris. They sell everything from aroma candels to 10.000 € Rolex watches, and their range of product is so uniqe and amazing nothing is to small or to expensive for Colette. Worlds best lifestyle-store.
And there is acutally proof, because our very own Karl Lagerfeld tends to go there when he needs inspiration, for what more can you ask? Last summer i was acutally lucky enough to visit the store and i was blown away, and spend over an hour in there.
Check out the photos of the store and the amazing items you can find on their webshop