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lørdag den 12. marts 2011

10 amazing blogs you should know

Blogs are definitely the best way to get inspiration and spot trends before everyone else. It's also a great way to experience thoughts and ideas from people who don't have the network og money to publish them in magazines, and last but not least; Blogs allows you to read about different items and places than the the ones  the the major mainstream magazines offers.

But! Sometimes it is difficult to find the cool blogs because they aren't mainstream and in the newsstands. To help you i have made a list consisting of 10 blogs you haven't seen before, but you should see if you wanna be cool! Today i will show you the first 5 blogs, they are more photo-based, and then tomorrow i will reveal som of the best fashion blogs to you!

See you in the morning guys!

1: jjjound: as it's called: It's a website stuffed with amazing pictures and nothing else. It's a visual caos based on fashion and lifestyle. Visit the site here

2: The Fancy: Is a user-based website were pictures are submitted and afterwards the amount of promotion of the picture depends on the reaction of the users. This website is new and crisp but is a upcoming star! Visit the site here

3: Thomas Skou: Is a danish(not the cake, the nationality) photographer who documents his life through his lense. He takes amazing pictures of clear and honest situations.His way of taking pictures is very much like the famous and fabulous Terry Richardson. Visit Thomas Skou's site here

4: Epicly Later'd: This is a website hosted by Patrick O'dells who has a show on the vice-videochannel, where he makes small shows about his many skaterfriends. And not just any skaters, we are talking about the famous ones. Visit the site here

5: Them Thangs: This website is run by Justin Blyth and it contains lots and lots of movie-pictures. The main focus is based on different war scenes from all kinds of movies. So lean back and let this blog take you through the story of movie-wars. See it here

Hope you enjoyed the adventure! Can't wait to show you the fashion blogs tomorrow.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Super great idea! Yea it is hard to find cool blog, haha :-) But yours are def one of them!


  2. I really really like this post! Great blogs!