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søndag den 13. marts 2011

10 blogs you should know (Part 2)

As promised here are the rest of my "10 blogs you should know" list. Yesterday it was all about photograpy, but today you get to see some of the more fashion-based blogs i fancy.

Mr. Porter: is the newly opened website from the creators of This time they have managed to create a new online universe based on the original gentleman combined with all the best current trends. This mixed togheter can make you the perfect man! (Or make your boyfriend into it)
Today Mr.Porter is the place where i get most of the tips i use in my everyday. The website contains a "blog" called "the journal", a webshop with classy brands and so much more. Visit the mainsite here

The Blue Hour: This website is run by a man called Brian Ferry, he loves to cook and would love to show you his work and everyday. Beside food-pictures the site is stuffed with  very emotional pictures with great lighting and both amazing city and nature motives. See all the beautiful pictures here


Convoy: HURRY UP! Enter this website if you like lifestyle! The author is currently unknown but what we do know, is that it is a very(very!) stylish person who runs this blog. The site contains everything from shoes to motorcycles and i can't recommend you enough to check this website out! NOW! Increase your visual lifequality here!


Nickelson Wooster: Here is a man that gets closer to the stars than many can ever dream of, but he still stays close to the ground. As a matter of fact i am friends with him on facebook even though our friendship is close to non existing. He is currently fashion director at Nieman Marcus og Bergdorf. Check out his blog HERE to see what toasts his bread at the moment!

     The picture below is of Wooster himself

The Tie Guy: Once again we are talkin about a Tumblr with oceans and endless amounts of amazing pictures. If you like fashion, lifestyle and very funny images/videos, this website is the best place. If you ever feel uninspired or sad, visit this site and your suffering will be over! I love this site!

Hope you will find the post interesting and useful!
/ Frederik

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